RekaNet – your personal Reka account

The smart way to manage Reka Money online with your personal login


RekaNet for private individuals

Register on your RekaNet account and your personal online account will be instantly available for you to be able to:


  • Check your Reka Money balance
  • Modify your Reka-Card PIN
  • Block your Reka-Card in the event of loss
  • Pay invoices from Reka acceptance points (e.g. Reka Holidays)
  • Order Reka-Checks using your credit balance


RekaNet for business customers

The RekaNet is your online platform for Reka Money management.


  • As a delivery point you can manage your employees' Reka Money quota here.
  • As an acceptance point you can check on your Reka Money turnover.
  • As a Reka Holidays partner you can manage your holiday bookings.
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